Sunday, November 1, 2009

The First Go-International Post!

huh, at last, after one month i can get my reguler permission!
uh? what is it? regular permission is a permission to going out (for traveling, go shopping, going home if possible, etc.) from Insan Cendekia Campus which is given to the students every 2 weeks. in normal condition, i could get my permission 2 weeks ago, or October 18. but there was a LDK program 2 weeks ago, so the boys couldn't get their permission. Fortunately, i could get out 3 weeks ago to attend some events (eg the Jak-Japan Matsuri and Library Competition in Istora) so im not getting too bored in dormitory. hehhehee

well, maybe you're confused why do i use English in this post. my friends, they're the coordinators of Languange Division Of OSIS, are trying to make a deal with the Headmaster and Vice Headmaster of Dormitory; the deal is about language improvement in our school. Actually we have a specialized day to improve our language ability, The Language Day, every Thursday. At Language Day, you have to speak English or Arabic during the school time. But no one (okay, maybe almost no one) obey this rule.

My friends are trying to propose a deal to the Headmaster; if the language day program runs successfully, we can get our reguler permission time until 5 o'clock. FYI, before July 2009 the reguler time ends at 5 o'clock, it means you have to go back to the campus at 5 o'clock. But the headmaster make a new regulation that cut the time from 5 to 3 o'clock. But headmaster is quite witty, he said "okay, but if you fail I will cut the regular time to 12 o'clock". O MY GOSH! This is crazy. But if there's no craziness there's no airplanes, computers and relativity theory, isn't it? Thankfully the deal isn't yet a formal one, although the headmaster said that this deal will be discussed later in a formal meeting.

humpf... i hope the program will run well if the deal is settled....

P.S :

Though I can choose to use English or Arabic in the Language Day, NEVER ask me to write this post in Arabic! ok, at least for this time, hehehehe...

And note that there's no regulation that forbids me to use Bahasa Indonesia in this blog. This is just to improve my English skill.