Monday, June 13, 2011

A Note For Axivic

Have you ever feel that things don't change around you, but in fact they change drastically? yeah, it is such an odd feeling, but actually it is nothing uncommon. Many people feel it. I, too, feel that kind of feeling on my graduation day.

Honestly Axivic, when the graduation ceremony taken place last Saturday, I didn't feel anything. Events went rapidly that day, the ceremony ended, we took lots of photos together, we did mushafahah and so on. When I went home, it was just like I take a special permission (inkus) and would go back to dorm and meet all of you guys. It was just like another day.

Yet, as the time ticks, I realized that I didn't take any special permission. I go home, I graduate. And that means, I'm not going to see you guys as usual. I was lonely. Goddamn lonely.

Yes, I didn't cry at the graduation ceremony, but I did cried alone when I went sleep on that Saturday night. Being with all of you in these last 3 years make me won't let you go. How could I let the ones who made me laugh, shared me jokes, gave me ideas, made up my day and taught me friendship go for a long time?

Still, even if it is hard, a farewell is needed. We have to take our own way to live on. We have to walk our own path. We have to reach our own destiny. What I can only say is, quoted from Owl City, I'll meet you there --someday, somewhere :)

Axivic Lunarismosinerati, we're always the best!